Friday, November 8, 2013

November Currently/SlantBox!

Sorry for the hiatus for a while! It's been a stressful few weeks! This is going to be a jammed pack post too! I got my slantbox! I did my November currently andddddddd my school made national news! 

Well, first things first! I got my slantbox this week! If you don't know what a SLANT box is...head over to Lessons With Coffee's post. They are so much fun! :) You send a package, you receive a package, the best of both worlds!

I was partnered up with Amanda from Cupcakes and Lesson Plans. She sent an awesome gift! 

Also, check out Alissa's blog at Fun in Fifth. She is the other fellow teacher that I got the privilege of getting to know and then I sent her a package! :D 

Nowwwww on to my November Currently!

Listening: Well, now it's Hawaii Five-O... but i'm a big fan of Undercover Boss, the wonderful stories always get a tear from me!
Loving: This weather. I love wearing sweats and scarves. I love it all. And the trees are BEAUTIFUL!
Thinking: Teaching is so political. If you heard about a school suspending a boy for wearing a purse....that was my school. We hit NATIONAL news. Front page Yahoo!, front page Fox News, front page Washington Post. A small town from SE Kansas made national news. I can't obviously get into details, but the side of the story that hit national news was one sided and completely fabricated and now it's turned into a discrimination/gender identity issue. I feel bad for our administration for dealing with what they've dealt with.
Wanting: I think it's time I get a new teaching bag. I have a Vera Bradley one, but after this mad mess that's been going on in school, I don't think I want to support them anymore. 
Needing: A BREAK. This first year teacher is OVERWHELMED.
A yummy pin: My boyfriend's favorite thing I make is apple crisp...sssh, don't tell him I found it on pinterest. :) He thinks I made it up. :) But here it is thanks to A Family Feast!
Apple Crisp - A Family Feast

Okay, I suppose that's all for tonight. If you want to read the article that put my school on the map:
Keep in mind, the story hit Wednesday night with no chance for the school to provide a statement. The school then provided a statement Thursday evening after receiving millions of phone calls and emails of hatred for us. Now that the full story is out, the hype is lessening because they're realizing the full story.

That's all! 

With love,