Wednesday, August 12, 2015

School is a WEEK away!

Holy Moly! School starts next Wednesday with students! In the mean time, I'm jammed pack with professional development, working in my classroom and trying to soak up the last few days of summer. I've been in my room so much, that I haven't really even had time to blog! It's crazy. I'm almost ready for a classroom reveal though... I'm hoping it's all ready to go and the kids will enjoy being in here! Maybe I'll periscope it...who knows! Haha! I'm so overwhelmed with Periscope...I can't even keep up with all the teachers going live! I spent a week in Emporia, Kansas at the Kansas State Student Council Workshop and I tried to back away from all the technology. The workshop theme was "Leadership, Unplugged" ..fitting, right? I lost a lot of progress on random games I play on my phone, I got behind in the terrible drama filled TV shows I watch, and got behind in blogging/periscope. It's alright though, I learned a lot and had a fantastic week.

Sometimes, I have to remember to take a few steps back and relax. It will be okay, everything will be okay.

In-service actually has been rather beneficial! I've always loved OneNote...I think it's super beneficial for the classroom, for staff organization and organization for yourself. A former technology director, who now works for Microsoft, did a full day of training on it...and woah! I learned so much. It was awesome. I'm hoping to eliminate as much paper as possible in my classroom...that's my ultimate goal in life. I'm hoping in the future I can go completely paperless...but we'll see.

I'm hoping maybe Friday I'll be able to post pictures of my classroom, completed and ready to go! THAT'S THE GOAL!

I just wanted to check in with ya. :)