Sunday, July 12, 2015

Revival from the dead.

Hello all!

I haven't posted since August of 2014...that was a long time ago. After having Periscope take over my life...and stalking Lindsey from Miss Johnston's Journey and Jameson from Lessons with Coffee and Meg from A New Box of Crayons --I've decided to get back into the blogging world. If you haven't found these need to check them out. They are all doing wonderful things...Lindsey and Jameson actually have planned a Midwest Blogger Meet Up all while planning their weddings...AMAZING. I have accomplished.....watching 5 shows--beginning to end on Netflix. Meg had an amazing Periscope last night that everyone needs to watch! She's so REAL and inspired me to get back into the blogging world.

A lot has changed since last August...I am super excited to get to coach JH Volleyball this year! YAY! I will still get to coach JH Basketball as well....coaching life is awesome life. You get to see your students in a different light outside of the classroom doing something they love to do. I am also still the high school Student Council dream. I love StuCo! This fall will be my third year also will be my third assistant principal. CRAZY.

It's summer...and I've been at school for probably 35 hours since Wednesday... I love it here at school...and I don't know why. Call me crazy. I know. They reimaged my computer this summer...which is great and all for the normal teacher...but for us teachers who have 100+ fonts installed on our's a pain! I spent close to 2 hours on Friday downloading/installing Kimberly Geswein's fonts back onto my computer. I have also been stalking TpT and getting some awesome things for my AND CREDIT ;) to come later (maybe for Monday Made It!) My biggest accomplishment is organizing my classroom...the teacher before me left me a bunch of stuff (2 years ago), which is awesome and I've used some...but I'm finally parting ways with a lot of it! It's allowing my to have so much more room! Here's the mess I have now....

My goal this year is to become an active blogger, TpT-er, and a better collaborator on Social Media with other teachers! I want to have bloggy besties and other teachers across the world to talk to! My boyfriend of 4 years still just doesn't get the teaching life. Haha! I'm also subject to a lot of older teachers in my school...we're slowly getting the younger ones in here, but my first year I think the age gap from me to the next youngest teacher was close to 10 years...and there were only one or two that age...most of the teachers here could be my parents...which is a double edged sword. It's great for advice, but they are also quick to shoot down my new ideas because they didn't work in the past...which is frustrating! But hopefully blogging will help me become a better teacher! #midwesttribe #teachertribe

Now if only anyone reads this...haha.


  1. Older teachers????? Your PARENTS age????? Who are you talking about????

  2. Older teachers????? Your PARENTS age????? Who are you talking about????