Friday, August 2, 2013

August Currently and Lovin' Life!

Well, first I'll connect to the Currently for August! I'm so excited with life and everything going on, if I don't connect to it first, I'll probably forget. :)

I'm so excited about this one! It means school is starting soon!

Listening: Right now my country music pandora is on, while I SHOULD be cleaning house...but I had to take a break and catch up on the blogging world. :)
Loving: Yesterday was my FIRST day in my classroom, and it's my FIRST classroom since I'm a first year teacher this was like walking into heaven. Ahhhhh! My family has said I've been like a little kid in a candy store recently. :)
Thinking: While yesterday was my first day in my classroom, it also let me realize, I HAVE TONS TO DO!
Wanting: I could use a new printer, but without a paycheck until September, I suppose things have to wait. 
Needing: To get off my  lazy butt and clean house. We're headed to my parents for the weekend, and then next week I'll be in my classroom all week, so it needs to get done TODAY.
B2S Must Haves: I'm a new teacher, so I need lots of things. :) Butttttttt, I changed it up a little and I need to be patient. I've learned that I really love sticky notes too. I use them for everything! And finally, I'm going to need chocolate...a lot of it. I'm sure. The nerves have already kicked in. Eeeeeeks!

Well, as you saw earlier, I spent my first day in my classroom yesterday. I also met the rest of the 7th grade team, and I had so much fun. I can't wait for the school year to begin because it's going to be a blast, I can already tell. My mentor teacher for the year is actually the 7th grade teacher before me. He's moving to PE for a few years before retiring. So I will have the support I need and I can always run to him if I need help! :D I CAN'T WAIT. 

I could just go on and on about my first day in my classroom, but I'm sure you've all been there. :)

With love, 


  1. Hey Brittany! I'm glad to have found your blog through the Currently linky! Congratulations on your first classroom! It's scary and exciting all at once, huh? You'll be a pro in no time! Glad that your mentor is close! I'll be mentoring my teaching partner this year and I'm really excited about it. It's her first classroom too!

    Best of luck! Have a great weekend!

    First Grade Follies

  2. Congratulations on your very first classroom! You'll be exhausted after getting your room done but it feels so good when you see how it all came together! And Post-Its are a MUST!

    Rowdy in First Grade

  3. Hello. I just found your blog on the linky and we teach very close to each other, I'm in Turner. You are the second neighbor I've found. We may be able to plan our own Kansas meet up one day:) What subject do you teach? I was able to get into my classroom yesterday as well, and have a ton to-to! Happy first year of teaching, and I will be following your blog.

    1. Hey! I teach 7th Grade Social Studies! One of my good friends just got a job at the High School in Turner! It's her first year as well!

    2. I will be teaching 2 sections of 6th grade Social Studies this year. I'm a bit nervous about it. Tell you friend Turner is a great place to work, and welcome!