Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Teacher Week: Now Teach!

Welp, now I'm double posting! Eeks! Try to catch up on a day that I'm taking away from school to relax and ease nerves before the first day, which is....TOMORROW.

I've been surfing blogs and looking at all the cute different things you ladies have done with your classrooms this year. Today's actual post is supposed to be about organizational tools. I wasn't prepared for this post.

I am a first year teacher, so I'm trying to be prepared...but we'll see how well that works.

My organizational station is probably my back table.

This is the first part of it. I have assigned each of my students a number. So they will get in the habit of moving their number on the boards (which are cookie sheets that are spray painted), collect handouts for the day, and see what we're doing all in this one spot. 

As they go down the back table, you can kind of see them, I have their books all laid out in number order, so they will take the book with their number and then they can find their seat. Also on this back wall I have the no-name station which is the banner hanging from my chalk board, the make up work section where all my worksheets will be from other days of the week so they can get worksheets they missed but also if they know they'll  be gone another day during the week they can get a head start. The other black file organizer hanging on the other side will be their homework turn in spot. I tried to manage the flow of the classroom and that's what I focused the most on, so lets hope it works!

Let me know what you think!

Go check out some other organization tips from Blog Hoppin' by clicking on the image below! 

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  1. I love the attendance board! Your blog is very cute! We drove through your state on the way home from Iowa this summer, beautiful country! Enjoy your first year teaching! :)

  2. Looks like your room is coming together. Good luck this year!


  3. Thanks for the comment and very cute blog! You seem to be getting things organized. I think next year I want to have a no-name board, because I am realizing those middle school students are always in a rush and tend to forget about their name. I place all no-name papers in a bin and they know that no name, no credit (that includes their mid-terms). Seriously how could you forget on a mid-term?!? Best of luck with your first year and I will be excited to follow you through it!