Monday, December 16, 2013

Block the Door Food Drive!

It's been forever, I mean FOREVER since I've last posted... I've just been so busy, I never have time to sit and relax..being a first year teacher is exhausting! LOL! My New Year's Resolution is to be a better blogger. I hope to at least blog once a week, I believe that's manageable!

Only a few more days and then it's Winter Break! I can do it! 3 more days with kiddos! I can do it! And then Friday is our holiday party, which is is in place of our inservice day! :) It should make the day go a little faster!

This week the Junior High Student Council is hosting a food drive called Block the Door. We learned about this at our StuCo workshop in early November. How it works is the kids bring in non-perishable food to try and "block the door." Each teacher has a piece of paper the size of their door somewhere in their classroom, either on the floor or on the wall. The students try to fill that piece of paper by stacking/laying goods on it. Once it's completely filled, they don't have that class period for a designated day. We made the last day of the semester be their 'free' day. The student council has planned games, coloring, movies, and other activities throughout the time of those classes. Obviously, the goal is to block ALL their classes doors so they don't have to go to any of their classes. They get Monday-Wednesday to bring items so that everyone knows which classes get the free day on Thursday.

Our 7th Graders came in SUPER enthused! They blocked 2 of the 4 core classes on MONDAY! I took some pictures so you could all see!

This is the math teachers' door! Very neatly organized and filled with cereal! :) BLOCKED DOOR NUMBER 1!

Below is my door! BLOCKED DOOR NUMBER 2 for our 7th Graders! YAHOOOOOO! 

They've got a start on their English teacher's door...which is pictured below, however they haven't even started on Science! We're hoping they keep it up and can block one more tomorrow and then another on Wednesday! 

However, the 8th grade team is slacking....below are pictures of their doors. 

Doesn't this seem fun?! It's great seeing all the kiddos so excited to give back to the community! And it's a great thing to do just in time for the holidays! If you want more details or want to do this at your school, just comment or email me, 

I'd be willing to share all we know about it, or how we did it! 

That's all for now, I better go work the concessions stand, as I'm the High School Student Council Sponsor, and it's my duty! 

With Love, 

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