Monday, May 26, 2014

Hiatus over....I've returned.

Well, my first year of teaching is over...and I've learned I'm a terrible blogger. Ha! There were so many nights where I told myself I was going to blog, but I was just exhausted, or busy! I was the track coach this spring, so I hardly ever was home before 7pm and then I have to make dinner and then it's almost bed time! I'm hoping now that my first year is over, I can become a better blogger. That's my hope and goal. I have so much to blog about now! For Christmas, I received a silhouette...and boy do I love it! I used it a couple of times during the school year, but I'm excited to actually learn how to use it and craft over the summer! My classroom is going to look brand spankin' new next year! I did manage to take a few pictures throughout the school year...let's see..

The pictures above are from our trip to the state capitol building. I did all the planning myself and viola! It went awesome, I'm hoping that every year we're able to go. I got my school a grant that paid for all the transportation costs, so that was awesome! I believe the kids had a blast as well. 

The pictures above are from our newest love and obsession...MYSTERY SKYPE! If you've never mystery skyped, you're missing out! I do all the hard work and find the other school we're going to skype with, but then the kids take over. They ask yes/no questions back and forth to figure out where each other is from down to the country, state (if applicable), and city! If they still have time left then they get the chance to talk about the different cultures/weather/hobbies, etc! My kids were always asking when they were going to get to mystery skype again! 

Then came my birthday! We headed out to Denver and got to see a Colorado Rockies game AND a playoff game for the Colorado Avalanche! I also got spoiled at work with flowers. :) If you're wondering why we have the weird facial expression and our hand at our faces...the thing at my school was "Stay Fierce" where you made an F on your I told my kids I was going to start something new..."Stay Cool" and so my mom and sister were the first ones with me to get it started! If it ever makes it to your school....I did it! :) 

Next up is my last day of school! It finally arrived. I was a bit sad to say good bye to some of the kiddos...I love them all so much. It's going to be weird this summer not getting to see them, laugh at them, laugh with them, yell at them or just talk with them. However, I will enjoy the extra sleep and less stress. :) I survived my first year! :) 

And lastly, I got the chance to craft for the first time in FOREVER. I may have gone overboard for the first day of summer vacation, but oh well! I'm so excited how well both projects turned out! They look wonderful! And my absolute favorite--my planter that is right below! I'm so I just can't forget to water the plants.... :-)

I suppose this is all for today... I hope to be blogging all summer and next school now you'll get to hear from me! :) Happy Memorial Day!

With love,

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