Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Student Council Workshop 2014

Hello all!

I'm having so much fun, I thought I would take a break and blog! I'm down in Emporia at our Kansas State Student Council Workshop! My students are off doing their own thing and us few advisers are hanging out having a blast. I am having so much fun hanging out with other teachers from across Kansas. It's a great opportunity to get to meet others and get good ideas from them for the upcoming school year. 

We've had great speakers, good break out sessions and it's a great opportunity to get amp'd up for the upcoming school year. It fills my students with great ideas and they're so anxious to get back to school and start putting some of these ideas into place. 

We also go out to eat and's a time to relax for us and share stories. Last night, we thought it was a great idea to stay up until 3 AM playing phase 10....woah...we're dragging now and I think we're pulling an all nighter tonight....I should start napping now to prep for this....

As for school goes, I've been in  my classroom several times this summer starting to get ready for school to start. I've gotten the bulletin board and some other organizational things in school. I'm anxious for school to start. I think this next year is going to be great because now I'm an experienced teacher....hahah. Well by experienced, I mean no longer a rookie teacher. It doesn't mean that I'm going to be any better than I was this year but hopefully I won't have as many problems. :) 

I think this is all  for now, I should be napping. :) 

With love, 



  1. Never knew this workshop existed! I was the student council sponsor for years, and finally gave it up when I moved to a new building. What grade leve is this workshop for? I'll have to pass this along to our current advisors.

    1. Sorry for not responding earlier...The workshop is for high school students in Emporia. IT IS AWESOME. Advisers can go whether they bring kids or not, and middle school and/or high school advisers can attend. It's a great opportunity for advisers to network and get awesome ideas from other schools! :) What school are you at again?