Thursday, October 10, 2013

Manic Monday (On Thursday)

I'm linking up with Lindsey over at the journey of a beginning teacher for Manic Monday on Thursday! She's starting a new linky party to share stories of crazy things happening or how wild your Mondays can be! And of course you can say any triumphs you have too!

Well, I know it's not Monday, but yesterday was my Manic Wednesday! I gave my students their unit exam and told them it would be the last grade of the quarter. We spent 3 weeks going over it, Friday and Monday we went over their study guide to make sure they had all the right answers and then Tuesday we spent the entire class period playing a review game! We played the dots game from when I was a child, I split them up into 3-4 teams and asked them a question, if they got it right, they got to come up to the smartboard and draw a line in attempt to make a square. 

All of the questions that were asked Tuesday, CAME STRAIGHT FROM THE TEST! I had the test in front of me, asking them questions straight off of it. Those questions came from their weekly quizzes throughout the unit. So they had the questions 4 times (Quizzes, Study Guide, Review Game, Exam) and I still had about 5 of my 60 score an 80% or higher! I had SEVERAL fail the test! I was so disappointed in them, when I asked a few of them if they studied, they said no, I don't have time to do that because I was outside hanging out with my friends. Hmmmmm!!!!

Sooooo, today I'm off to reteach, correct, and somehow try to salvage their grades and egos in my classroom. I don't want them to all be disappointed and hate my class, but I also want them to take responsibility for their grades! They're in junior high now, not everything can be spoon fed to them! 

Any suggestions?! 

Phew, today is the last day with kiddos (tomorrow is an inservice in the classroom) so I just have to make it through today! 


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  1. I am so happy I had someone link up! :) It just made my day! Ugh, so frustrating to know you spent so much time on teaching something and have them just not care enough to learn it! I often felt that when I taught middle school reading last year. Middle schoolers can be such a pain! Haha! But I also see that in 3rd grade! Our first math test went horribly! The class average was 69%! Some students didn't even ATTEMPT some of the problems! I have no helpful tips, only to know that I share your frustrations. Hopefully they take it to heart and see how it affects their grade and step it up for next time!

    The Journey of a Beginning Teacher