Monday, October 14, 2013

Manic Monday!

Yay! I've been waiting all day to link up with Lindsey! Phew. Manic Monday is over

We'll my kiddos had Friday off since it was the end of the quarter and so I spent all day Friday creating some neat lessons and new seating charts for the kiddos come today! Also, my principal told me Friday he wanted to formally observe me this week! Ahh!! My first formal observation. That has me a little manic in itself. I also have concessions stands to work since I'm the student council sponsor and student council is in charge of it. Yikes!!! Too many things on my plate, just like Lindsey!! 

However, my kiddos decided today would be a good day to go crazy! I hardly got anything done in school today! We had a student council meeting during high school seminar time meaning I had to leave my middle schoolers for a bit. Then I decided it would be a great day to start all carte during lunch where they offer hot dogs, nachos, candy, water, and pretzels. So since that started today I had to get that ready for today! Phew! 

The only positive is that we started an activity today so I have NO grading or planning to do tonight, so I can just hang out with the boyfriend and watch the voice! The best part about Mondays is the TV lineup on NBC!!! The Voice and then The Blacklist?! Awesome! If you haven't seen the blacklist, you need to check it out! 

Manic Tuesday will be here tomorrow as my principal is coming in to watch me and I don't really have a "good" class for him to come observe in. Ha! I have to bribe my kiddos to be on their best behavior! Whatever works, works, right?!?

That's all for tonight! Thanks Lindsey for the awesome linky! 

With love, 

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