Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Manic Monday on Tuesday

Monday AND Tuesday were the manic days. I just didn't have time to post until today! Linking up with Lindsay like usual!

Oh, before we start with  Monday/Tuesday..  On Friday, the other Student Council sponsor quit doing Student Council, so that was an added stress. It was a good one, because it's easier for me to just do everything, but I wasn't expecting it.

First of all, during 4th hour the tech people came into my room and said they needed to take my computer because there was a problem with it. And of course they had to take it mid lesson USING the computer. They brought me a laptop to make up for it, but I really miss my big computer. :(

Then, during the last hour of the day I found out by word of mouth of some students that a few of the students came into my room and stole some candy out of my candy jar while I had stepped out for a few minutes. That upset me a ton. Being a first year teacher, I tend to let them get away with a lot of stuff they probably shouldn't get away with but that broke all that trust. I was so upset with them.

Well then after school I had conferences until 8pm. Blah! That makes a LONG day, especially with an hour commute. Lucky for me, I only missed the first five minutes of The Blacklist! I LOVE THAT SHOW!

Today I was just heated from the get go. I gave a stern lecture to all my classes. You could hear a pin drop the rest of the class once I was done yelling at them. I was impressed. It made me feel powerful! :D YES!

Then 8th hour is just a mess! --It just exhausts me.

Then I have a few co-workers who are very unpleasant and just rubbed me the wrong way at the end of the day.

With all of this, I just went into my room after school and cried. Not tearing up, but a legitimate bawl--and I am not an attractive crier. HAHA!

On the brighter note, I went and got everything for my SLANT box so I can hopefully get it in the mail this week! yay!!!!! Check out Lessons With Coffee for more information!


With love,

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